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Living Mastery
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Living Mastery

Our aim is to impact Africa’s generations through the sustainable development of effective leaders and individuals both within the public and private sectors on the African continent. We help and empower leaders, individuals, teams and organisations ‘break limits and unlock possibilities’ through our world-class Training & Coaching solutions that take into account and are relevant for the African context.

Real and sustainable transformation is at the heart of what we do. We offer individual, team or group training & coaching for:

– Public Sector: Executives, Head of Departments and Senior Officials
– Private Sector: Executives; Senior & Middle Management
– Entrepreneurs
– Professionals with leadership potential

Our Approach

The integrated approach we use makes our training & coaching experience dynamic, relevant, engaging and transformational. We employ a variety of techniques and tools

• Motivational Maps Profiling

Motivational Maps synthesises Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors (dealing with competence, motives and values) & the Enneagram tool (defining true personalities) to deliver a unique diagnostic instrument that produces an astonishingly accurate account of where the ‘energies & emotions’ are being directed and how strong they are, on an individual, team & organisational level .

At the heart of Motivational Mapping is the appreciation that motivation is ‘invisible’ – it is a need, a want, a desire, a drive, an internal energy. This invisible ‘energy’ has 3 sources within the human psyche: our personality, our self-concept and our expectations.

Motivational Maps integrates all these 3 sources of the human psyche to draw a robust profile of the motivations and motivation levels of individuals, teams and organisations. This makes Motivational Mapping insights invaluable for Leadership and Management development, Self-development, Team building, Performance Management and Reward Strategies development.

• Holistic & Integrative

Our approach is holistic and integrative as we factor in the interactions, interdependencies and inter-relatedness between the human system (spirit, body, mind and emotions) and the broader and organic organizational system and the extent to which the individual can impact the greater whole (the organization) or vice versa.

Our interventions combine strong spiritual insight, wisdom and intuitive guidance with a broad range of skills, techniques, concepts and models including NLP (Neuro – Linguistic Programming) and Meta Models (including Meta Coaching).

• Multiple Leverage

The different models we use provide multiple leverage points at which changes in thinking, expression and working can take place at an individual, team or organization level. Our interventions are designed to bring about significant and sustainable results through the introduction of specific changes that are designed to release huge amounts of energy and commitment within organizational systems.